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If you're running the macOS Monterey beta, you may try out a brand new version of StatusBuddy, available on TestFlight: http://github.com/insidegui/StatusBuddy/tree/new-ui

Keep track of Apple's developer and consumer system statuses right in your menu bar.

StatusBuddy is a simple app that shows an icon on your Mac's menu bar. When an Apple service is having issues, the icon shows a red badge and you can click it to check what's going on. The app will show the same issues Apple reports in their official system status dashboards for developers and consumers, so it includes both developer services such as App Store Connect and TestFlight and consumer services such as Apple Music and TV+.

StatusBuddy is a side-project of mine and is available for free (it's also open-source). If you prefer, you can pay any amount you'd like in order to support its continued development.

Requires macOS Catalina.

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